ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Disposal, and its umbrella has extended to cover almost all electrical equipment connected to ‘hardware’ within the Commercial, Public, and Education sector such as Laptops, Computers, Screens, Tablets, Phones, Network Infrastructure, Security Systems, Servers, Phone systems and more. 

Many companies and organisations are unsure what to do with their tech once it comes to the end of its lifecycle. Concerns focus around fear of data breaches and also how to recycle the units effectively. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of information on old computers that’s private and confidential!

That’s where ITAD comes in, the whole process can be done with total peace of mind. Securely cataloguing, collecting and then data-wiping devices. Ensuring your data is permanently destroyed. Once that is done the equipment can be refurbished, recycled or donated.



Taking steps to recycle E-Waste (Electronic Waste) in the UK is incredibly important. Not only does recycling e-waste reduce demand for raw materials and lowers toxic substances from entering the environment via landfill it can also be hugely beneficial to companies in terms of monetary value.

The UK is one of the World’s Largest producers of E-Waste, we produce over 1.6 Million tonnes a year. That's heavier than the Troll A Oil Platform in Norway! 


For every 1 kilo of E-waste we recycle saves 1.4 kg of co2 production.


In 2023 Our Sales of Refurbished Devices saved 889,808 Tonnes of CO2. Equivalent to the weight of 8 of the Largest Aircraft Carriers in the world! For every 1 kilo of E-waste we recycle saves 1.4kg of co2 production.

That is the equivalent to any one of these:


The energy used by 116,040 homes for a year!


Taking 211,776 cars off the road for the whole year!


The carbon absorbed by 35.6 Million Trees in 1 year!

IT Lifecycle Management is the cycle of buying tech for your organisation, keeping it in good working order throughout its lifecycle, along with keeping your data secure, until inevitably the item is retired and replaced. At the end of an items lifecycle your data is still of the upmost importance, you could just physically lock it away! But if you choose Making IT Green as your ITAD partner you can safely & securely dispose of those items in a way that benefits the environment, the economy and your organisation!

There is no doubt your decommissioned Laptops, PCs and tablets (currently gathering dust) originally cost a pretty penny! We hope you got plenty of use out of them too. But now you’ve upgraded to bigger/faster/newer models. Subject to being properly handled and wiped, they could have a whole new life at another school, business, charity or even a home user. Avoiding landfill and lining your pocket.



The Process

  • Pain Free Process with our customers in mind from start to finish
  • Free of Charge Packaging Provided
  • Free of Charge Collections
  • Secure Collections Arranged
  • Secure Data Wiping
  • Certification sent on completion

About Us

  • Trading for over 20 years we are highly experienced to offer you a smooth service from initial enquiry to final report.
  • We do our upmost to be environmentally conscious and have a zero waste to landfill policy.
  • We refurbish and remarket as much surplus IT Hardware as possible
  • As one of the UKs top resellers for refurbished IT Hardware we have the perfect outlet for older equipment needing a new lease of life.

The Benefits To You

  • As a well established Refurbished IT seller we are able to offer the most competitive rebates for your equipment
  • We also supply a huge range of incredible value New or Refurbished IT Hardware should you need a solution for both ITAD and replacement of stock recycled.
  • A GDPR compliant process with your data in mind
  • Secure, certified data erasure beyond recovery, using industry leading software




The whole process can take a matter of days for small jobs, to several weeks for a much larger ITAD requirement. We can process thousands of units or just a couple of old laptops sat on the filing cabinet. It all starts with a Free no obligation, no pressure phone call or email. Just get in touch. We can do the rest. Our detailed ITAD T's & C's can be found by Clicking Here.

A Breakdown of How it Works

  1. Get in Touch
    You can call on 01458 27 27 27, email us @ [email protected] or use the online enquiry form. Our dedicated ITAD manager will take some basic information to build a view of what you have to decommission. We will discuss logistics, access and the condition of the goods. As well as any concerns, questions or requests you may have.

  2. Valuation & Acceptance
    Once we have as much information as we can get then we will give you some estimate figures of the residual/potential value that you could recover at the end of the process. We’ll put this to you in writing that you can then choose to accept.

  3. Collection
    Once accepted we will work with you to make collection arrangements. We’ll provide packaging, materials and advice to ensure your assets are received in the best condition possible, maximising your rebate.

  4. Data Erasure & Processing
    On arrival to our premises the manifested collected goods will be checked and graded to ensure the makes/models and stated physical conditions match up. We will then acknowledge and confirm the delivery. Once confirmed, the data erasure process will commence using industry leading data erasure software from our partner, BitRaser. Their software is ADISA & NIST compliant, among many other international standards. This makes wiping your precious data as simple as 1,2,3! Units will then be cleaned, re-tested, with any further refurbishment needed then taking place.

  5. Final Report
    The manifest will be updated to reflect pass/fail of data wipe and QC testing. Failures will be physically destroyed. Passes will be refurbished, remarketed/resold or recycled, this will be noted at a device level.

  6. Certification & Rebate
    Once stage 5 is complete we will issue Data Erasure Certification for all itemised lines, and issue your rebate payment directly.