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Printers & Consumables | Supplying Education & Commercial Customers

We have what you need and use and will help making every order SIMPLE and every delivery FAST and FREE where possible. Savings on buying any alternatives to Manufactures original ink and toners can be massive, well over 50% in many cases. Where possible we provide a recycled alternative that’s not only better for your pocket, it’s also much better for the environment and will operate in the same way without invalidating any warranties.

We are working to be the best we can but nobody is 100% perfect, If anything ever goes wrong you have our warranty backing you up with free of charge replacements.

Recycled your old IT Hardware

Making I.T Green will not only buy any items with residual value, we will even send free packing materials and arrange free of charge collections when required – we can't make it any easier!

Why not browse through our extensive and inexpensive selection of laptops and computers while you decide what needs upgrading and what you'd like us to recycle for you.


Our call centre is based right where we are, in the heart of Somerset. Each of our customers has dedicated Account Managers, Offering GREENER recycled technology products to help reduce “e waste” where we can. Whilst pricing is aimed at Education and commercial clientele, we want to offer our cost effective solutions across the board and to one and all.

Call us today on 01458 272727 and together we can shape a future that is not only brighter but also saves you money and is also more environmentally friendly.