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Blacksys CW-100 Single In Car Camera CCTV DVR Driving Recorder

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BlackSys CW-100 driver withess recorder provides strong evidence in the event of a traffic accident that was not your fault. BlackSys has been proven to improve driver performance and leaves you safe in the knowledge that any incidents will be captured on film. Recordings are stored onto a Micro SD card and automatically reserves 20% of it's memory for recording incidents such as bumps and harsh braking.

Losing your no-claims bonus because of an incident which wasn't your fault can be as galling as it is expensive. Using a driver witness recorder is like having a black box recorder - for your vehicle. Using the BlackSys will provide you with -


  • Strong evidence in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident
  • Claim settlement time improvement
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Reduction in fleet costs and regulation compliance
  • Simple installation
  • Parking recording mode
  • Micro SD card storage
  • Simple, quick file capture
  • GPS data displaying vehicle speed before, during and after incident (MPH / KPH)
  • GPS mapping overlaying using Google Earth for vehicle route data
  • Audible alert to harsh manoeuvres
  • Power from accessory socket or hard wired in place

BlackSys CW-100 uses cutting edge technology to record valuable CCTV style video footage from inside your vehicle. The camera module is the same camera used in Samsung mobile phones and when paired with the very best WDR technology, results in crystal clear footage viewing. Integrated GPS tracks the location, direction of travel and speed of the vehicle (MPH/KPH). An inbuilt microphone allows you to record clear audio such as conversations and impact noises.

All video footage is recorded onto a micro SD card. BlackSys CW100 is compatible with anything up to 32GB micro SD card which will provide a recording time of up to 144 hours. Memory will be split into two parts - 80% for normal recording and 20% reserved for emergency incidents such as bumps or harsh braking.

When an incident takes place, BlackSys will store a 10 second pre-incident and 10 second post-incident record time. This means that each incident will have 20 seconds record time for later analysis following an incident. For example, if you are driving along and the gar in front stops suddenly causing you to hit the back of them, the camera may show that the car in front had a faulty brake light and that there was only one person in the vehicle which can be helpful if multiple fraudulent whiplash claims are made as a result of the incident.

If an incident occurs that you would like to store as an incident, there is a manual override option which enables you to record an incident at the press of a button.


Varying light conditions: The high performing WDR CMOS sensor will provide clear images, even under back lit conditions.

User-Friendly Recording: BlackSys will record when the ignition is switched on. Recording continues until 80% of the memory is full and then it will start to overwrite, cleverly leaving 20% for incidents.

G-Sensor Event Recording: The inbuilt 3-Axis G-Sensor detects vehicle impact, brake and acceleration. When these actions are detected, the incident will be recorded and stored in a separate file to avoid overwriting.

Navigation information: Blacksys incorporates a GPS antenna so that you can record navigation information. When you plug in and analyse the data via your PC, you can overlay this route information on Google Map to display the speed, route and location information to identify the driving path. The software provides an advanced index system which you can use to trace back to the accident location.

Emergency Button Recording: The user is able to record events manually when required thanks to the emergency button. Any emergency data is protected from overwriting.

Auto Parking Mode Recording: The unit will switch to Parking Mode automatically when the vehicle has been stopped for a set period of time - 10, 20 minutes etc.

Voice Recording: BlackSys features a built in microphone which will record voice and background sound. This feature can be switched off.

LED Indication: The security LED on the front of the BlackSys shows clearly when the unit is on and it will blink when in parking mode. Rear LED indicates recording and the GPS status.

Real-time Video Monitoring: BlackSys features a video out port so that you can plug into a compatible monitor and use it as a live video display.


***Optional GPS Module not included (SEE RELATED ITEM BELOW)

An unobstrusive little gem!,
Having receieved my Blacksys I fitted it up behind the review mirror where it does not interfere with my vision. It works a treat and coupled with the GPS dongle gives me all the information you could posibly want plus it makes me a better driver knowing everything I do is recorded!

Misleading email advertising this product,
This product is the CW-100 with a 720x480 camera. The email that I've received several times from Morgan infers that this product is as good as the CF-100 (1080p 30fps). This may be why some people are disappointed with the picture quality.

Installed easy, good pictures stationary. First pictures on the move in pouring rain not good. Hopefully better weather will give better results. So far I am happy. Excellent mapping.

As expected,
The resolution is not quite as good as some others, but it is quite good enough. Once you take the price into account it is excellent.

Poor resolution,
Works well as a witness, simple & easy to use. Downside is really poor resolution, which is worsened in bright sunlight and reflections on inside of windscreen.

The best I've found.,
It does exactly what you want/need it to do with no input needed from the driver. I added the GPS module and the resulats are perfect - review the journey with a scrolling map showing the road rolling by. So good I bought another for the other car.

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